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Our social responsibility:

- Respect of working conditions to European standard
- Respect for the security of people and goods
- Biweekly compensation, at a rate higher than usual standards
- Catering of sedentary staff and basket for day laborers
- Training of young people in connection with the village school
- Donations to school and health center

Our environmental responsibility:

About soils

- Limitation of phytosanitary products for the benefit of a local workforce to weed and treat the plots
- Exploitation of local organic fertilizers and composting to limit the use of chemical fertilizers

About irrigation

- Construction of an electrical network for pumping water from the river instead of a heat engine (motor pump), likely to degrade its quality
- Installation of a localized drip irrigation system (micro-irrigation) to limit water consumption
- Plantation of trees and citrus to create windbreak hedges and recreate natural protected areas



- Installation of solar panels to ensure the energy autonomy of the farm
- Seed supply and preparation on site


Our economic responsibility:

- Sale at competitive prices of quality products, in short circuit, while ensuring the sustainability and profitability of the project
- Sale of second choice products at benevolent prices
- Donate unsold items to villagers or schools

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